Working philosophy

(1) Leadership Belongs to Everyone

Every team member takes initiative and makes changes.

(2) Diversity in Counsel, Unity in Command

We value diversity in people, thought, and working styles; as a single entity we fully discuss issues in order to reach solidarity for the best solution, and act together closely to achieve our goals.

(3) Absolute Execution

Execution is the process by which change is realized. Focus and commitment to productivity through decisive action lead to tangible results for our greater mission.

(4) Smile, Everyone

We strive to create a work environment in which every team member might achieve personal happiness. Treat every team member with the respect and fairness of family. Work should be a place of fun, laughter and community.

(5) Iki

The aesthetic of being in relation to others, dignity in action. Integrity, consideration, professionalism, forward thinking, and taking initiative to go beyond the call of obligation to bring happiness to others. We seek iki in all we do, sharing our deep and sincere thoughts through discussion to find our organization’s true voice.